How We're Managing Covid-19 and How You Can Help


 Getting out and enjoying the outdoors feels as important as ever right now. We’re as anxious as you are to get back into the canyons and we’re fortunate that open air and sunshine make it difficult for this virus to survive.

Your safety and the health and safety of our guides has always been top priority at Desert Highlights. We feel it is our responsibility to respond to Covid-19 in a serious and sensible manner by taking extra precautions on our guided tours. We are following guidelines from local Health Departments, land managers and the State of Utah. We hope you will support us in our efforts to protect our staff and guests while continuing to safely show you an adventure of a lifetime.



These are the measures that Desert Highlights is taking to minimize the risk of transmission of Covid-19:


  • We will continue to offer exclusively private guided tours, so your group will not be combined with other groups.
  • Guides will be screened before every trip and sent home if showing any symptoms assumed to be associated with Covid-19.
  • Guides will use hand sanitizer or wash hands thoroughly before and wear a mask during gear organization in preparation for your guided trip.
  • We will sanitize gear after every tour and lay it aside for a ‘rest period’ of up to 72 hours.
  • Check-in times will be staggered to avoid contact between separate groups.
  • Guide vehicles will be sanitized before and after every guided trip.


These are the ways that you can help. Please read the following thoroughly, as joining a guided Desert Highlights tour means that you have read and agree to these guidelines:


Pre-trip Screening:

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions and have booked a trip with us, please let us know ASAP:


  • Have you had any known exposure to anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19?
  • Have you been in contact with any individual who has been ill with any symptoms of Covid-19?
  • Have you experienced any symptoms of Covid-19 that cannot be attributed to another health condition?
  • ​Symptoms include: fever and/or chills, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, muscle aches, loss of taste or smell​
  • Have you travelled within an area identified as a Covid-19 “hotspot” within the last 14 days?


On-trip Guide and Guest Requirements:


  • The group will practice social distancing throughout the tour to the extent that is reasonable and maintains a normal level of safety.
  • We ask that everyone wear a mask when social distancing cannot be practiced. Please come prepared with your own mask.
  • Guests must provide their own gloves – see below for glove recommendations.
  • Guests must provide their own water and food – refer to your confirmation email for recommended amounts.
  • When possible, we will ask guests to provide their own transportation to and from the trailhead, separate from their guide.
  • Guide will carry hand sanitizer and ask that it be used as appropriate throughout the trip. Guests are encouraged to bring their own.
  • We strongly encourage you to thoroughly wash your hands before and after your guided tour with us.


Please understand that these standards and procedures are put in place as a way to help minimize the transmission of Covid-19. We must do our part in flattening the curve. If you are considered at high-risk or have recently been under the weather, please consider changing your plans to travel.


Glove recommendations:


  • Gloves such as these work great but are typically a one-time use, especially when doing rappels longer than 100 feet (best for Entrajo Canyon, Blarney Canyon, Leprechaun Canyon): Latex Coated Cotton Gloves
  • Leather gloves like these work better for longer rappels, and they are durable enough that their use should extend beyond a day of canyoneering (best for Medieval Chamber, Zig Zag Canyon, Pool Arch Canyon, Granary Canyon, Lena Canyon): Leather Work Gloves
  • Either of these types of gloves can typically be found in any hardware store (Turner Lumber or Walker’s True Value in Moab). The main purpose of wearing gloves is to protect your hands when they are sliding down the rope while rappelling.


Cancellation Policy


If at anytime before your trip with Desert Highlights you feel sick, please let us know. We are happy to cancel your trip and issue a credit towards a later date or a full refund.