Packraft Rentals


Desert Highlights offers Alpacka Packraft rentals for local adventures. Packrafts are lightweight, one-person inflatable boats that are commonly used for backpacking, bikepacking and canyoneering. They can also be used to run the Daily section of the Colorado River, right outside of town. All rentals include a boat, 4-piece kayak paddle, lightweight PFD and repair kit.


Our fleet includes the following sizes:

Original Alpaca (small)
Yukon Yak (medium)
Denali Llama (large)
Mule (xtra large)
We can help you choose the right size for your rental based on your height, weight, gear load and adventure type. You can also learn more about sizing here (see Classic model).


Rental Rates:

1-2 days: $50/day
3-6 days: $45/day
7+ days: $40/day


Everyone in the group will need to sign a Packraft Rental Agreement. This can be viewed here.

Do you need help with a shuttle? If so, give our friends at Wild West Voyages a call at 435-355-0776.

Other Gear Rentals



  • Clothing:
    • Farmer John Wetsuit: 1st day – $15; add’l days – $12/day
    • Wetsuit Jacket: 1st day – $8; add’l days – $6/day
    • Neoprene Socks: 1st day – $6; add’l days – $5/day
    • Neoprene Gloves: 1st day – $6; add’l days – $5/day
    • Splash Pants & Jacket: 1st day – $15; add’l days – $12/day


  • Drybags:
    • Small Drybag (5L): 1st day – $4; add’l days – $3/day
    • Medium Drybag (15L): 1st day – $6; add’l days – $5/day
    • Large Drybag (35L): 1st day – $8; add’l days – $6/day
    • XL Drybag (55L): 1st day – $10; add’l days – $8/day


  • Other:
    • Firepan (12″ x 3″ round): 1st day – $3; add’l days – $2/day
    • Type III PFD: 1st day – $7; add’l days – $6/day
    • 4 Piece Kayak Paddle: 1st day – $10; add’l days – $8/day
    • Wagbags for sale – $3.50 each