Private Slot Canyon Tours near Hanksville, UT - Just Your Group and Your Guide!

Just on the other side of Canyonlands National Park, a land of deep, narrow slot canyons begs to be explored. Travelling a little further from Moab allows us to navigate through some of the most fun slot canyons around. Beyond the small town of Hanksville in the North Wash lies a vast and rugged territory filled with gorgeous remote slot canyons. We’ll walk, rappel, stem, chimney, crawl and shimmy through these amazing sandstone landscapes. 

These slot canyon tours do not require experience. They are considered “advanced” canyons and are a great choice for those looking to get a full body workout and push their boundaries both physically and mentally.

Why choose Desert Highlights for Utah Canyoneering? 

  • All of our canyon tours are private at no extra cost to you. This provides our guests with a personalized experience that cannot be found with other outfitters.
  • Our guides are passionate, fun and experienced. All of our guides are trained to the highest standards and ensure that your safety comes first. 
  • Our knowledgeable guides enjoy educating our guests about the local geology, natural history and flora and fauna. Ask us anything!
  • We're accommodating and flexible. We'll work with you to choose a canyon tour that meets your goals and canyoneering dreams!
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Canyoneering in Remote Slot Canyons near Hanksville, Utah

    Irish Canyons – Hanksville Canyoneering

    5-7 Hours or 2+ Days

    Short hikes to stunning narrows and fun slot canyon exploration! Nestled in the North Wash canyon system, the Irish Canyons are an excellent choice for those looking to get into more narrow, technical slot canyons. Many options exist, whether you’re…

    Based on 2 Reviews

      Poison Springs Canyons – Hanksville Canyoneering

      7-9 Hours or 2+ Days

      Deep, dark slot canyons with dramatic rappels and scenic narrows! The Poison Springs Canyons are an excellent choice for those looking to get into deep, dark, narrow technical slot canyons. Many options exist, whether you’re looking for long, dramatic rappels…

      Based on 1 Review

        All-Inclusive Camping and Canyoneering Tour

        2+ Days

        All-Inclusive camping with a couple days of canyon adventure! Our guided multi day tours combine your choice of activities to pack a whole lot of adventure into a couple of days. We’ll camp under the dark skies of Utah and…

        Based on 2 Reviews

          Scenic Flight & Canyoneering Adventure

          1+ days

          See the canyons from the air before exploring the depths of a slot canyon of your choice! Canyoneering is certainly the best way to experience the slots of the desert southwest, and adding on a scenic flight with Redtail Aviation…

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